Freedom Enterprise RIS / PACS


ZSSB has been working closely with our Principal, Innowave Healthcare Pvt Ltd (an ISO 9001 certified company), to bring to the market the Freedom Enterprise RIS/PACS System.

With a unique distributed cloud architecture, the Freedom RIS/PACS is highly scalable and offers almost limitless expansion capability. There are no practical limits to the storage and workload, number of locations or number of users in the Freedom Nano platform.The modular nature of design insures that our customer’s investment in every piece of hardware and software remains protected and usable even as they expand the number of locations or upgrade the system’s capacity.

The RIS/PACS workflow consists of flexible and interactive modules that include some of the below features:

Freedom Enterprise RIS / PACS

➤ Patient Appointment and Scheduling.

➤ Registration and Interactive Billing.

➤ Modality work list and MPPS.

➤ Image Archiving and management with quick access to the patient’s history report.

➤ 2D viewers with optional advanced 3D plugin.

➤ Reporting including DICOM Structured Reporting using user specific templates.

➤ Effortless integration with Voice Recognition software like Dictaphone, Nuance Dragon etc.

➤ DICOM printing on PAPER and FILM. This is an environment friendly initiative to cut the use of single use plastics and also provides huge savings on film cost.

The products from Innowave are truly innovative and robust. With a strong product portfolio, ZSSB is able to provide customers with high quality products at a very competitive cost.

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