Tele-Radiology Services


ZSSB (In collaboration with Innowave Technologies) is striving to become the preferred Teleradiology Service Provider to Healthcare facilities in Malaysia by providing cutting edge solutions that meets today’s most demanding requirements.

The Tele-Radiology Solution from ZSSB/Innowave is able to provide Healthcare Professionals with:

Tele-Radiology Services

➤ Round the clock Teleradiology reporting.

➤ Teleradiology reporting during weekends and public holidays (can be arranged).

➤ Providing “Second Opinion” reports (as and when required).

➤ Reducing the pressure on In-house Radiologists in healthcare facilities that have extremely high workloads by offloading certain cases to Z-Rad.

➤ Teleradiology reporting can enhance the efficiency of an imaging department resulting in shorter waiting times, fewer complaints and ultimately, more satisfied patients/clients.

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